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Back to school sewing!

We have officially survived the first week back at school (and by survived, I really mean BARELY survived. It's been intense and my fingers are raw from filling out all the forms!)

A few weeks ago I was planning my boys back to school/fall wardrobes and ran into a usual struggle.... PANTS! I find pants so hard to shop for A) because my children are long and lean and 99.99% of pants don't fit them and B) because they have little patience for trying things on and I usually get two attempts before they lose it on me in the changing room.

So this year I avoided all that and recreated their favourite comfy harem pants. I started with a pdf pattern from Etsy and blended it with a pair of pants we already own.... and then added 3 inches to the length.

If you would like to learn more details on how I made these pants, please join me for one of my classes this fall! Click here for more info.

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