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and safety


Please carefully read our COVID policies

(UPDATED MARCH 15th 2022)


1) Masks are optional 

2) Students must stay home if they have any symptoms of a cold, flu or are coughing, sneezing, have a headache or sore throat, have loss of taste or smell or have a fever for any reason. Or if any member of their household is sick with covid symptoms or they or any member of their household is quarantining due to covid exposure. 

STUDENTS ARE WELCOME TO JOIN VIA ZOOM and if notice is given we will happily prepare a package of supplies for pick up.

3) Parents, siblings or friends are not permitted in the studio but are welcome to watch on the deck.

4) All surfaces will be cleaned between classes. 

5) Students will be required to bring their own sewing kit to classes including fabric and paper scissors to minimize sharing of tools.

6) Students will wash hands before class starts.

7) Sanitizer will be available.

8) ALL in person classes will be moved immediately to Zoom if public school is cancelled and or it is deemed necessary by the public health authorities or the studio, your OL school or if there is a potential exposure in any studio class. Should this happen, classes will continue on the same day and time, and the studio will have all supplies available at the studio for pick up. The curriculum will be adapted if needed to accommodate hand sewing for students who do not have home access to a sewing machine.

9) All students agree to personally notify the studio immediately should they or any member of their household have any Covid related health concerns or infections or if they or any member of their household has been required to quarantine because of potential exposure.

PRIVACY WILL BE MAINTAINED but families must notify the studio and not wait for public health authorities as there can be significant delays.

10) Students and their family agree to not hold the studio responsible for attending face to face classes at this time. 

11) Please contact the studio if you are interested in participating in any class or the entire session over Zoom. In most cases, if a student has taken a beginner class and or is able to independently thread and control their sewing machine we can absolutely accommodate this request and will make supplies available for pick up.